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6 of the best vintage boots on eBay right now!

August 17, 2018

6 of the best


We know, we know… we said that we would be much more regular in posting to the blog but real life got in the way AGAIN! Job changes, house move and family life have all prevented us from finding the time to post. But we will NOT be beaten and we WILL post content!!!!

So by way of a gentle reintroduction to blog posting we’ve compiled one our long standing ‘6 of the best on eBay’ style posts with this one focusing on vintage boots. We’ve pored over the current eBay listings to bring you, in our opinion, 6 of the best vintage boots on there right now.

As always, apologies if we’ve drawn attention to any listing you were hoping to grab unnoticed!


1. Valsport VS Brasil – EU40 – Buy It Now €119.00 (approx £106)




2. Patrick Platini Silver – EU44 UK10 (?) – €99 Buy It Now (approx £110) or Best Offer




3. adidas QUESTRA FINALE SG  – Size UK10.5 – Buy It Now £45.00 or Best Offer




4. diadora W. ZENGA  – UK11(?) – Buy It Now €69.90 (approx £62.42)




5. Stylo Matchmakers Liverpool – UK10.5 –  Starting Price $2.50 (approx £2!)




6. adidas Azteca – UK8 – Buy It Now €119 (approx £106) or Best Offer





Bit of a disclaimer here – none of the above auctions have anything to do with us here at The Boot Room. Please bear in mind that many materials can degrade over time and so the boots shown above may not be in wearable condition.

Happy bidding and good luck!

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