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From the archive – Part 8: Puma Diego Maradona moulded

February 13, 2018

As regular or long-time readers of this blog may know that we used to have an image gallery/repository based website hosted by the now defunct . When they went belly up we, like many other users, lost access to hundreds of images that we’d collected over the years. Thankfully, a fair while after we received an email out of the blue stating that we were able to regain access to the files that we had posted on our old site and that we had resigned to never seeing again. So, we followed their instructions and managed to get hold of most of our old files. Rather than risk losing them again we transferred them to various CD’s and an external hard drive for safe keeping. Then somewhere in the months and years that followed we lost track of where these back-up CD’s and hard drive were kept… Until this week when we stumbled across them whilst searching for something else completely unrelated to this site. Now that it is back in our hands we plan on sharing their contents again and we’re starting off these Puma Diego Maradona mouldeds. These image were previously posted on our old site but hopefully they are new to some visitors of this blog.

Being of a certain age and traditionalists we love the simplicity of these boots. Plain black leather with a contrasting white form stripe. You just know that after a few wears, polishes and some application of dubbin that these would have softened up a treat! They also feature a one colour sole unit with rubber studs in a nice gum colour. We always found that this type of sole unit always aged really well.

The only thing that we’d love to have seen on these is the traditional white tongue top that Puma used extensively in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. However, this omission is easily forgiven as the print of Maradona’s face on the tongue is fantastic. adidas also used images of their sponsored players on some of their boot tongues including Beckenbauer, Trevor Francis and others and, of course, they also used this style on their Stan Smith, Illie Nastase and Rod Laver trainers from the same time period.

This is a boot that we’d be happy to wear today and can imagine that the moulded sole on these would be great on a modern 4G pitch. So, if anyone ever sees a pair of these in UK11 or UK11.5 then drop us a line please!














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