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From the archive – Part 8: Brooks Vicenza

March 13, 2013

Once again we’re having to start a new post with an apology… Sorry for the lack of updates recently but unfortunately real life and work have got in the way. Hopefully now though things have settled down a tad and we’ll be back to updating this site a little more regularly.

Anyway enough of lame excuses and apologies let’s get on with this post. These boots were meant to offer Brooks a real breakthrough into the lucrative football market. Brooks had been and continue to be a serious player in the running shoe market. In an attempt to really grab the attention of the boot buying public Brooks signed up the then Spurs and England star Paul Gascoigne to be the face of Brooks football boots. Gazza was hot property at the time and signing him up to wear Brooks was a major coup. The top of the range boot worn and endorsed by Gazza was the Vicenza (and not the Vincenza as suggested by the Sportsshoes Unlimited ad below). A predominantly black boot it featured orange and purple accents. As can be seen in the Gazza boots competition clipping from an old Shoot magazine these splashes of colour were considered wild and eye-catching but they look pretty tame compared to some of todays colourways. The Brooks boots also featured an unusual stud configuration on their screw-in versions. Many screw-in boots of the time had the traditional 6 stud configuration (2 rear, 4 forefoot) – indeed many boots still do today – but These Brooks boots featured 8 studs (3 rear, 5 forefoot). We’ve tried to track down images of the moulded version of these boots but so far our search has proved fruitless.

We’re also pretty sure that Brooks had other players on their books at this time and for some reason Lee Dixon and Perry Groves spring to mind but we can’t find any pics to back this up.






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  1. Nobby permalink
    June 4, 2013 1:10 pm

    I had a pair of these back in the day. You had blanks to use on on any stud holes where you didn’t want to use a stud. All comfortable except for the very thin tongue.

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