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From the archive – Part 6: Puma Bonhof Volley

January 9, 2013

Well it’s now 2013 and the New Year traditionally requires us to set down a New Years Resolution. These new promises tend to be pretty hard to maintain and usually end up being broken within a couple of weeks or if you’re made of sterner stuff possibly until the end of January.  So rather than promise you a new blog post everyday or every week all we will do here at The Boot Room is promise to try and update this site a little more regularly than in the past.

To that end today’s post features some images that we thought were long gone when the company that used to host our old site went belly up. Thankfully just before Christmas we received a message out of the blue saying that all was not lost and that we could retrieve our images from the old site. So first up from our archives is these Puma Bonhof Volley beauties from the mid to late 1970’s.  These boots feature a plain toe box, screw in sole unit and hi-viz orange  formstripe and tongue. Silhouette’s similar to this boot served Puma well for many years.

Puma Bonhof Volley

Puma Bonhof Volley

Puma Bonhof Volley

Puma Bonhof Volley

Puma Bonhof Volley football boots

Puma Bonhof Volley

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