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We’re on our way back …. at last!

September 14, 2011


Back around March or April time the online photo sharing/gallery website ceased trading and our old site and many of the images contained on it were lost somewhere down the back of the world wide web sofa. Since then the aim has always been to get the site and the images back up online. This blog is the first step to resurrecting the old place. We are still trying to find the best way of hosting the site again but we also want to improve on what it was.


For those of you not familiar with the old site it was simply a gallery of images of old football boots or soccer cleats for our transatlantic cousins. All of the major brands were featured adidas, Nike, Puma, Patrick, Diadora, Reebok, Lotto, Asics alongside less common brands including Converse, Quaser, Hummel and Ligne 7.


These images were collected from all over the web (including from that popular online auction site), from personal archives and also from magazines etc from what was in our minds a golden era of football boots and trainers. The site started just as a personal collection but slowly it started to be discovered by other like minded individuals or by people simply looking for an image of their first ever pair of ‘proper’ boots. Many of the boots featured were from a bygone era when boots were black, made of leather and had studs (screw-in or moulded). In those days the day-glo colours were restricted to three stripes, formstripes or swooshes and not to the uppers.


Anyway, for the time being this blog will feature a few gems from our archive and it may also point you in the direction of some vintage boots on eBay. It might also be worth keeping an eye on our Twitter feed for any developments on the new site.


Thanks for viewing this blog and please spread the word about the site!



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