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6 of the best vintage boots on eBay right now

November 25, 2014

Wow! Can’t quite believe its been over a year since the last post on this blog – apologies if you’ve been waiting or checking back. A lot has happened in those 17 months which have meant that this place has had to take a bit of a back seat. But now that the madness has subsided we should be able to get posting again. This first post back is focusing on 6 of the best vintage football boots available on everyone’s favourite auction site. Take a look and click through to the auction and place a bid if you like them enough. A quick disclaimer though – none of these boots are anything to do with us here at The Boot Room.

1. adidas Stratos SL – UK7 – Starting bid £55.00


2.Puma SPA King – UK10 – £199.99 Buy It Now or Best Offer

3. Nike Air Roma GX – UK8 – Starting bid £38.22


4. Nike Air Play – UK6 – £152.89 Buy It Now


5. adidas Questra Finale – UK7 – £50.00 Buy It Now


6. Lotto Stromberg Pro – UK9 – £59.99 Buy It Now or Best Offer

A to Z of adidas football boot models: Part 2 M – Z

June 3, 2013

Here’s Part 2 of our adidas A-Z – as you can see we’re missing model names for O, X, Y and Z. If you can help us fill the gaps that would be great – just add a comment with a link to a picture and we’ll get the list updated.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Part 1 A-L can be found here



M = Milano

adidas Milano


adidas NASL

O = ???

P = Paul Breitner

adidas Paul Breitner

Q = Questra Liga

adidas Questra Liga

R = Rotterdam

adidas Rotterdam

S = Saragossa

adidas Saragossa

T = Tango

adidas Tango

U = Uwe SL

adidas Uwe SL

V = Valencia

adidas Valencia

W = World Cup 74

adidas World Cup 74

X = ???

Y = ???

Z = ???

Back to black – the new Nike Premier

May 31, 2013

The premise of this blog is to celebrate the football boots of yesteryear and we rarely, if at all, feature any new boots but we just couldn’t let the release of the new Nike Premier pass by unnoticed.

Following hot on the heels of their announcement of the technologically advanced Nike Hypervenom Nike announced the release of the much more understated Nike Premier. Heavily influenced by the classic Nike Tiempo Premier from 1994 and The Nike from 1971 (the first Nike shoe to feature the swoosh) the new Nike Premier is a classic looking black leather boot with a white swoosh that sure to appeal to the more traditional boot fans amongst us.

Although the boot has a very traditional look it’s far from old fashioned. Built using Nike’s most anatomical football last to date (also used on the Hypervenom) it appears to be a near perfect mix of new and old.  The upper is made from premium leather providing softness that allows for the feel and touch that many players look for in a boot. The transitional flex in the sole unit is said to provide a firm midfoot combined with a flexible and responsive forefoot. The design of the sole unit should also provide excellent traction on various  surfaces. In our opinion the only thing that this boot possibly lacks is a fold over tongue but these seem to be a thing of the past these days.

Hopefully we’ll see this boot gracing the feet of many pro players in the new season – could this mark the return to prominence of the predominantly black boot?

The Nike Premier launches in the US on 1st June 2013 and here on 1st July 2103. We are really looking forward to seeing them in the flesh and if anyone from Nike wants to send some our way then we’d gratefully review them – UK11 or UK11.5 please😉

Nike Premier

The new Nike Premier

Nike Premier

Nike Premier

Nike Premier sole unit

Nike Premier sole unit

The Nike (1971)

The Nike (1971)

Nike Tiempo Premier 1994

Nike Tiempo Premier 1994

More info on the new Nike Premier can be found here: Nike Inc

A to Z of adidas football boot models: Part 1 A – L

May 22, 2013

A = Azteca

adidas azteca

B = Burnley

adidas Burnley

C = Chile

adidas Chile

D = Diego


E = Equipment SI

adidas equipment si

F = FX 100

adidas fx100

G = Goal


H = Hansi Muller

adidas Hansi Muller

I = Inter

adidas inter

J = Junior

adidas junior

K = Klaus Fischer Copa 78

adidas klaus fischer copa 78

L = Liverpool S

adidas liverpool

The Boot Room A-Z of football boot brands

April 30, 2013


Usually the lack of new posts on here have been due to real life getting in the way however this time it’s been a case of a NEW life preventing me from updating the blog. Just over 2 weeks ago our second child was born (a boy) and so a lot of my time has been spent dealing with dirty nappies and sleepless nights. I’ve sometimes been using the numerous ‘interruptions’ to my sleeps  to think of possible blog-post topics. The other night I tried to find a football boot brand (either past or present) for every letter of the alphabet but there are some that are proving a little elusive to me. Hopefully you guys can help – please feel free to make suggestions in the comments below.

A – adidas, asics, Admiral, Arrow (thanks to @dazmundo919), Aspero, Apta (thanks to uniteunion)

B – Brooks, Bata (courtesy of Giles Metcalfe), Brine, Bikkembergs (via Miro)

C – Converse, Cica, Cruyff (thanks to FCE), Concave 

D – Diadora, Dunlop (courtesy of @conmeister82)

E – Errea ( via @Bantr )

F – Fila

G – Gola

H – Hi-Tec, Hummel

I – Inter

J – Joma

K – Kappa, Kipsta (thanks to Luca), Kelme

L – Lotto, Ligne 7, Lanzera, Le Coq Sportif

M – Mitre, Mizuno

N – Nike, New Balance, Nomis, Nokia (thanks again to Giles Metcalfe)

O – Olympic (courtesy of @jessey83 )

P – Puma, Patrick, Pony (courtesy of @conmeister82), Power, Pantofola d’oro (thanks to @nathan_morris), Penalty (thanks to Chris), Pele Sports (thanks to Ed), Pirma, Popsem (via matbruut)

Q – Quaser, Quick (thanks to FCE)

R – Reebok, Ryal (thanks to FCE), Rucanor (thanks to FCE)

S – Sondico (courtesy of @Cedric_Sneer),  Slazenger  and Stylo Matchmakers (via Giles Metcalfe), Specs (thanks to Digsy), Stuburt (via Sonicboomboy)

T – Topper (via @darthadibious), Tepa ( via Luca)

U – Uhlsport, Umbro (via @nathan_morris) , Under Armour (thanks to @nathan_morris)

V – Valsport

W – Warrior, Winfield Hotspur (thanks to Giles Metcalfe)

X – Xara (via @Hunt_Daddy), X-Blades (Cheers matbruut)

Y – Y-3 (thanks to @paddock5 for this link showing the boots to prove it!)

ZZygo (massive thanks to@Box_to_Box) , Zapkam (thanks to Lucid)

From the archive – Part 8: Brooks Vicenza

March 13, 2013

Once again we’re having to start a new post with an apology… Sorry for the lack of updates recently but unfortunately real life and work have got in the way. Hopefully now though things have settled down a tad and we’ll be back to updating this site a little more regularly.

Anyway enough of lame excuses and apologies let’s get on with this post. These boots were meant to offer Brooks a real breakthrough into the lucrative football market. Brooks had been and continue to be a serious player in the running shoe market. In an attempt to really grab the attention of the boot buying public Brooks signed up the then Spurs and England star Paul Gascoigne to be the face of Brooks football boots. Gazza was hot property at the time and signing him up to wear Brooks was a major coup. The top of the range boot worn and endorsed by Gazza was the Vicenza (and not the Vincenza as suggested by the Sportsshoes Unlimited ad below). A predominantly black boot it featured orange and purple accents. As can be seen in the Gazza boots competition clipping from an old Shoot magazine these splashes of colour were considered wild and eye-catching but they look pretty tame compared to some of todays colourways. The Brooks boots also featured an unusual stud configuration on their screw-in versions. Many screw-in boots of the time had the traditional 6 stud configuration (2 rear, 4 forefoot) – indeed many boots still do today – but These Brooks boots featured 8 studs (3 rear, 5 forefoot). We’ve tried to track down images of the moulded version of these boots but so far our search has proved fruitless.

We’re also pretty sure that Brooks had other players on their books at this time and for some reason Lee Dixon and Perry Groves spring to mind but we can’t find any pics to back this up.






Vintage Nike football boot ads

February 18, 2013

Whilst clearing out the loft recently we found a box full of old (mostly mid 1980’s) Shoot and Match magazines. The task of sorting out the loft was soon replaced with the task of browsing through each and every one! We soon found ourselves reminiscing over adverts for old boots, trainers, kits  and even goalkeepers gloves!

Obviously we’re not going to keep all these goodies to ourselves – we want to share them with you guys and over the coming days or weeks we’ll be featuring some of them on here. Unfortunately our scanner was playing up so you’ll have to make do with these photo’s instead. Anyway, first up is this collection of Nike adverts – enjoy!

nike air speed ian rush reds advert

nike air speed john aldridge lethal weapon advert

nike air speed terry butcher overpowering advert

nike air speed david rocastle deadly cross advert

nike air strike air fire football boot running shoes advert

nike air strike air fire football boot running shoes advert close up

nike air anfield boot room advert

nike anfield six yard box advert

nike air strike air fire ian rush juventus diving header alitalia advert

nike air strike air fire ian rush juventus diving header alitalia advert close up



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